from Word to your website in minutes.

Zoupio publishes online user guides, policies and procedures, training manuals and similar documentation without hassle. Drag-and-drop a Word file (big or small) and Zoupio will generate an elegant and easy to use HTML5 web interface, as well as PDF and EPUB versions.

Want to make your online manual available on your own website? Zoupio transparently blends into your graphic design.


Submit your first manual in less than 5 minutes. No credit card required.

Browsing your Manual

Access to your table of contents is permanently located in a convenient left side panel, along with Zoupio’s tools and options such as search, downloads and print links.

  • The panels can be resized at any time in order to maximize screen space for content display
  • Documents are divided into sections which ensures smooth and fast navigation whatever the file or chapter size
  • Sections follow your document’s logical structure
  • A mouse-over at the top and bottom of each screen provides forward and backwards browsing between sections

Leveraging Your Manual’s Structure

Zoupio recognizes the structure of your Word manual to automatically generate a dynamic multi-level table of contents.

  • Section titles can expand to let you explore the manual’s hierarchy
  • Anchors are supported to align with your own numbering system (section or part numbers)
  • Internal links and references as well as external links are maintained
  • A mouse-over on displayed footnotes displays the footnote text inline without requiring any clicks

Drag-and-drop Updates

Zoupio is quick and easy to use. Once logged in, publishing a manual simply requires filling in a few fields (title, author, access rights). Submitting or updating a file is achieved by dragging-and-dropping the Word file from your desktop into the Zoupio interface in your web browser. Within seconds the new version of the manual is displayed online.

Access Control

You have full control over who accesses what:

  • Public mode for anonymous web access
  • Access rights management by groups or individual users
  • Manuals can be shared within teams
  • Access to a specific manual can be disabled if needed

Search with LexFind

Your manual is fully and efficiently searchable with Zoupio via LexFind: a powerful search engine based on Lucene/Solr. A search box is built into every manual and is easily accessible at all times from the left side panel. Search features include:

  • Advanced search syntax including support of paragraph and sentence proximity operators (/p, /s, /n)
  • Subphrase queries - using machine learning algorithms, the software makes educated guesses about whether a user is looking for a phrase, a set of disjoint words or a hybrid of the two
  • Stemming - identifying all keywords sharing the same root
  • Contextual snippets in search results - short extracts of text with query terms highlighted
  • Highlighting of query terms in the body of your manual
  • Smart acronym and number processing (handles different inputs of query terms, such as C3, C-3; USA, U.S.A.)
  • Fast wildcard (*) operators

White label solution

Zoupio can be skinned to take on the look and feel of your own website. Furthermore, Zoupio can be made accessible under your subdomain.

  • Create a subdomain within your main domain. This subdomain will be used to direct users to Zoupio’s content and functionalities. For example:
  • Create a CNAME in the DNS record for your subdomain. The CNAME should point to By doing so, when users access your subdomain, they will be directed to Zoupio.
  • Create a link on your website (for example in a navigational bar or menu) pointing to your subdomain used for Zoupio.

Multilingual Support

Zoupio supports manuals written in any language. Management interfaces are available in English and French.

Turnkey Solution

Zoupio is made available by Lexum as an all-inclusive SaaS solution. Our company has been in business for over twenty years, continuously building its reputation on the quality of its products and services. All Zoupio packages include:

  • Hosting with guaranteed uptime
  • Secure environment including fall-back infrastructure and daily backups
  • Software updates to enrich your experience over time
  • Support services by telephone and email