Students: Protect your research and academic integrity with Lexbox

It’s that time of year again: final papers are underway, and law students everywhere are scattering to get all necessary research out of the way in time to get their thoughts on paper.

But there’s never enough time. The clock is always ticking. And with information as widely available as ever, there is so much to parse through and keep track of. Fortunately we have innovative tools like Lexbox to store and manage resources that would otherwise get lost in the burgeoning black hole of easy-to-lose online legal resources.

Wait! You didn’t leave enough time for an essential – albeit tedious – component of all academic work, did you? Your list of authorities still needs to be compiled!

Despite being a critical part of all scholarly work, the list of authorities is more-often-than-not quick to be forgotten in the paper writing process. This prioritization of substance over formality is misguided: the consequences for improper and/or forgotten citations can be frightening, with expulsion being a viable possibility.

The good news? Lexbox can easily help.

Did you know that with Lexbox, preparing a properly formatted list of authorities is as easy as a click of a button? Seriously. While hovering your cursor over one of your Lexbox folders, simply click the blue “Download list of authorities” button, and a list of authorities, perfectly formatted, appears immediately.

While many products offer similar services (i.e.: research tracking and reference list creation), Lexbox stands apart: it’s free and specialized for legal research. Lexbox extracts the citations from sources on its own, so you don’t have to. And just when you thought it couldn’t get easier, Lexbox is also a Google Chrome add-on so it’s always readily available. It makes information tracking and citing so easy and quick, you won’t have to think twice about it again.

Make a folder – or a 100 – and tag notes to as many entries as needed. When your paper is nearing completion and you’re putting on the finishing touches, just click and submit. Lexbox makes the time it would normally take to produce a list of authorities for a 40-page paper nearly negligible.

Don’t risk getting caught in the crosshairs of academic offences. Just write your paper – Lexbox will take care of the rest.