• Lexbox 1.4.7: New features!

    We are excited to announce Lexbox 1.4.7. We’ve worked hard to ensure that Lexbox continues to make access to free online legal resources easy and organized. Lexbox now features expanded supported website coverage, as well improved overall functionality (e.g., save documents, email your finds, collect history, etc.). See below for a more detailed look at specific sites: CASELAW Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) Save searches: Create new results-centred alerts Federal Court (FC) Idem: http://...
  • Decisia Now Integrates with myCaseLoad

    Decisia flexible decision publishing solution now is fully integrated with CaseLoad Software’s Case Management Solution, myCaseLoad myCaseLoad provides a highly configurable case management system which now customers can easily integrate with Decisia very flexible decisions publishing solution. Courts, boards, commissions, and tribunals use myCaseLoad for the efficient management of their cases and supporting documentation. Many of those clients also wish to make some of the supporting documentation (decisions, hearing notices, memorandums ...) accessible to decisions-makers, attorneys, media...
  • ROBOCOP Technology Now Included in Decisia

    Lexum is pleased to announce the integration of its ROBOCOP technology for the prevention of abusive content downloads. Robocop technology was conceived by Lexum in the context of its work for CanLII in order to prevent massive content downloads. This Lexum technology is now one of the various features offered with Decisia . Now, certain users of Decisia websites will occasionally see a brief message (CAPTCHA) appear asking them to confirm that they are people and not computers programmed to download files from a website. Users prompted with a CAPTCHA will provide this confirmation by...
  • New Beta Product: Lexbox

    Lexum is pleased to announce a new free solution designed to help legal practitioners keep track of their legal research. Lexbox is a personal online workspace for legal research that complement existing legal information websites. It's convenient Chrome extension pops up when you undertake legal research and allows you to save search queries, cases, legislation or any other web pages all in one place. It also enables you to create corresponding alerts feeds that you can receive by email, or directly in your Lexbox folders. Lexbox already supports the CanLII website, as well as Lexum's...
  • Decisia 3.14 released: HTML5 & WCAG Filters

    Lexum is pleased to announce version 3.14 of Decisia . Here’s what’s new: HTML5 With 3.14, Decisia features HTML5 user interfaces. Clients with HTML5 websites will be able to have their Decisia installation migrated to HTML5 as well. With this development, Decisia remains on the forefront of web development both in terms of government requirements and best industry practices. SEARCHABLE “SUMMARY” FIELD Decisia offers a “Summary” field where clients input case summaries or other pertinent case-related information, such as appeal notices or judicial history, to name a few. With Decisia 3.14,...
  • The British Columbia Utilities Commission Selects Decisia for its Online Search and Publishing

    The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) selected Decisia for the management and online dissemination of its orders and decisions. Decisia will enable BCUC to equip its website with full-text search capability into documents containing directives, approvals or denials of applications, as well as documents it issues following a public hearing process. Decisia will also facilitates the integration of BCUC decisions to the CanLII website, with the objective of making them more easily accessible to the wider Canadian legal community. BCUC is an independent regulatory agency of the...
  • The Rwanda Law Reports Now Available Online with Decisia

    The Judiciary of Rwanda recently started to post decisions included in the Rwanda Law Reports on their own website using Decisia. The published judgments are selected among decisions rendered by Rwanda Courts, including the Supreme Court, the High Court and lower instances. They are published in the country’s language, Kinyarwanda, and will be added in French and English in the near future. Lexum has contributed to the design and creation of the Rwanda Law Reports and is proud to provide its electronic delivery platform. Decisions reported in the RLR include the full text of reported...
  • The Manitoba Securities Commission New Website Integrates Decisia

    The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) brand new website integrates Decisia to provide improved access to all hearings and proceedings documents. Reasons for decisions, orders, notices, as well as instruments, rules and policies can now be browsed by date, case name and subject. Decisia also allows to search MSC documents full-text or according to specific criteria including the decision type, jurisdiction or legislation applied. Notice how MSC PDF documents are presented in-line (embedded within the HTML page). To access Decisia from the MSC home page click “Hearings & Proceedings”...
  • Thanks to CAIJ-CanLII Collaboration, almost 3000 Decisions from the Revue Légale now available online

    The Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (CAIJ) has acquired 2 964 court decisions compiled in the Revue Légale by way of exclusive License from Wilson & Lafleur, including all decisions published from 1970 to 2012, along with a selection of important decisions published before 1970. These decisions were added to CAIJ’s jurisprudential corpus as well as to the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)’s data bank. [...] Read the rest of the article on CanLII on the CAIJ website.
  • All Supreme Court of Canada Decisions Since 1876 Now Published Online

    Lexum and the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) have been working together for the last 20 years to improve access to Canadian law. Various projects have been undertaken to complete the Supreme Court decisions database including all of the historical judgments. Multiple partners have participated in this goal including the Law Foundation of Ontario, the Law Foundation of British Columbia, the Alberta Law Foundation, the Centre d’accès à l’information juridique in Quebec and CanLII. The goal has now been achieved and all decisions in the Supreme Court Reports since its creation date in 1876 are...