• The Washington Public Employment Relations Commission Launches a New Decision Search Engine with Decisia

    The Washington Public Employment Relations Commission (Washington PERC) recently enhanced its website by consolidating four types of content with the help of Decisia. Thanks to Decisia it is now possible to undertake a combined search of all of Washington PERC decisions from one single access point. The brand new decisions website is available at: The Washington PERC decision website provides extensive access to more than 8,500 labor decisions dating back to 1976. Lexum is proud of its contribution in processing and formatting thousands of legacy decisions in...
  • The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario Now Using Decisia

    The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario rolled out a new and entirely redesigned website, including a new decision search appliance powered by Decisia. The “Search IPC Decisions” product can be consulted at and includes decisions in the areas of access to information, privacy and health. The site features Decisia’s fast and intelligent search, flexible search filters and documents made accessible in compliance with accessibility requirements (WCAG). Lexum is proud to be part of this important project undertaken by the IPC to make such a significant...
  • Zoupio 1.13: Introducing Customizable Metadata Fields

    Lexum is pleased to announce Zoupio 1.13. Here’s what’s new: Customizable Metadata Fields Zoupio 1.13 introduces customizable metadata fields to facilitate searching and sorting of documents. You can now create any number of metadata fields based on dates and strings in Zoupio accounts. Creation of personalized metadata fields is completed from the new Metadata tab added to Zoupio's administrative interface. Fields can be assigned to any given document from the Document tab, along with the corresponding value(s). Improved Dashboard Not only has the look for the Zoupio Dashboard been...
  • Lancaster House Launches New Contract Clauses Service Based on Zoupio

    Lancaster House recently announced a new online service providing guidance to collective agreement language for negotiators on both sides of the table. The Contract Clauses Service includes actual contract clauses from current collective agreements negotiated across Canada in both the public and private sectors and provides authoritative commentary. It provides access to 1,700 clauses on 65 topics from current collective agreements, as well as checklists, expert analysis, commentaries and reviews to assist practitioners in drafting their own clauses. Lexum is proud that Lancaster House...
  • Zoupio new platform for AQTIS agreements

    We are pleased to announce that the Alliance québécoise des techniciens de l'image et du son (AQTIS - Alliance of Image and Sound Technicians) has chosen Zoupio as the online delivery platform for its collective agreements. You can access AQTIS agreements at: Zoupio will allow AQTIS members and representative to add notes and collaborate on agreements, in turn enabling AQTIS to track the goings-on of alive agreements and prepare efficiently for future negotiations. AQTIS represents approximately 4,500 freelance professionals in more than 134 trades...
  • Lexbox: Now Out of Beta Phase

    We are excited to announce that Lexbox is now officially out of its open beta phase. Released July 2015, Lexbox has changed the way we research freely accessible online legal materials. Lexbox has continued to push forward its promise of convenience, and the statistics show. In just nine months, Lexbox has grown in the following ways: Over 1,000 users Over 10,000 documents saved Over 1,400 alerts created Over 45,000 sessions opened on supported sites. Lexbox continues to improve the way legal practitioners keep track of their research, and we are excited by what is coming next!
  • Decisia 4.0: New UI and so much more

    We are proud to announce the release of our latest Decisia update, version 4.0. Decisia 4.0 improves upon user experience and efficiency. New features include: New modern user interface (UI) Guided by the prevalent ergonomic practices, the new design-inspired interface of Decisia 4.0 make the overall research and navigation functions more discoverable. Deep linking to numbered paragraphs With 4.0, users can deep link to numbered paragraphs by adding #parxx (ex: ) at the end of the decision URL. This feature will help...
  • Additional Content from Quebec on the CAIJ and CanLII Websites

    Lexum is proud of its contribution to the processing and publishing of important databases in Quebec law that are now available on the websites of the CAIJ and CanLII. This collaboration between two important clients of Lexum dramatically increase online access to legal information in Quebec. The recently published databases on one or the other sites include: The annual Statutes of Québec since 1996 Federal Annual Statutes since 2001 A selection of decisions published between 1869 and 1969 in the Revue légale Decisions published between 1983 and 1996 in the Recueils de droit judiciaire (RDJ)...
  • CSN Adopts Decisia for its Internal Bank of Precedents

    Lexum is proud to announce that the legal department of the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) selected Decisia to manage its internal bank of judicial and quasi-judicial decisions. CSN lawyers have been accumulating court decisions and arbitration awards in labour law for many years, in order to provide a knowledge base to be used as precedents in current cases. The services to be provided by Lexum to the CSN will allow the legal department staff to perform combined advanced legal research in both this corpus and CanLII. CSN is a Canadian federation of unions founded in 1921 and...
  • Zoupio 1.11 Now Available

    Lexum is pleased to announce Zoupio 1.11. Here's what's new: Redesigned Dashboard The Zoupio Dashboard has been redesigned to provide a better user experience when browsing the entire knowledge base. Browsing and searching are now located on the left portion of the screen and occupy a larger area. A new sorting mechanism for multi-page lists of search results, as well as a new counter for hits per language (for multilingual accounts) are now available. Transition from recent notes to the document body is also made easier with deep linking. Improved Database Search When searching in the entire...