Lexum Partners

Lexum teams up with partners from around the world to deliver feature-rich solutions for the management and publication of legal information adapted to your technological environment, area of expertise or location.

Innovative technology leaders focused on improving online access to legal information

Xcential Legislative Technologies

LegisPro™ from Xcential Legislative Technologies is a web-based authoring tool specifically designed for drafting and amending legislation.

Combined together, LegisPro and Qweri streamline the drafting and publishing of legislative/regulatory documents.


Clio is the leading cloud-based practice management solution for law firms.

Our Lexbox integration for Clio bridges your Lexbox and Clio accounts together.

Caselaw Access Project

CAP provides free access to all published decisions from U.S. courts digitized from the collection of the Harvard Law Library.

Lexum is the only vendor recognized by CAP as meeting the criteria of its digital-first publishing approach.


BeaconLive is an all-in-one continuing education, certificate, eLearning, webinar and virtual event solution.

Qweri complements BeaconLive with smart and powerful delivery of online publications.


Notarius provides trusted digital identity and electronics signature solutions.

Integration with Notarius’s ConsignO Server and CertifiO enables Lexum’s clients to electronically sign documents using AATL certificates.


Vocalmeet is a leading provider of enterprise management systems including learning management, live webinars, membership management, event management, and more.

Qweri complements Vocalmeet solutions with smart and powerful delivery of online publications.

Cyberjustice Laboratory

The Cyberjustice Laboratory remodels and re-imagines justice processes. It operates a web-based court management system enabling the management of the judiciary chain.

Docket information managed within the Cyberjustice Laboratory CMS can be seamlessly synchronized with a matching Decisia account.


NovaWorks offer cloud-based solutions for governments such as digital parliament and legislation solutions, electronic voting, electronic board/cabinet papers and the ability to facilitate online hearings.

NovaWorks and Lexum solutions can be combined together via APIs to deliver a wide range of complex data management and publishing needs.

Global Publishing Solutions Ltd.

GPSL is working with some of the world’s largest organizations to solve mission-critical content challenges, helping them streamline and automate processes for creating, managing, and distributing content.

GPSL integrates Lexum products into effective and high-value solutions.


myCaseLoad provides a highly configurable case management system for courts, boards, commissions, and tribunals.

The myCaseLoad integration with Decisia allows clients to fully automate the decisions management and publishing processes.


Gov2Biz is a platform providing everything needed to run a regulatory agency, from licensing, taxation, inspection, complaint management, and more.

Decisia powers online legal research of administrative decisions issued by Gov2Biz clients.

Law Qube Technologies

Law Qube provides court management systems that helps courts and law enforcement departments at all levels, leverage the power of technology to manage cases as they progress from initiation through disposition and beyond.

Qourt and Qontrol integrate with Decisia for clients requiring advanced online publishing capabilities.


Lexel is used by legal professionals during case analysis, doc/bundle preparation, real-time transcripts, and evidence management.

Lexel can be combined with Decisia and Qweri for clients interested in realtime transcript or evidence management.


Clearbrief.ai helps litigators find and share the evidence behind legal writing, hyperlinking citations where needed.

Lexum clients get priviledged access to Clearbrief's Microsoft Word platform to hyperlink their documents before submitting them in Decisia or Qweri.

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