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A Neutral Citation Standard for Case Law

Implementation of the Neutral Citation Standard for Case Law across Canada

For each court listed below, the cited judgment is the first - or one of the first, when the first is not available online - to display an official neutral core of the citation. The month between parentheses besides the court official name corresponds to the first month of application of the Standard by this court. The last update was done in February 2007.

Federal level
Supreme Court of Canada (January 2000)
Federal Court (February 2001)
Federal Court of Appeal (February 2001)
Tax Court of Canada (January 2003)
Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada (October 2001)
Competition Tribunal of Canada (January 2001)
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (January 2003)
Public Service Labour Relations Board (January 2000)
British Columbia
Court of Appeal (January 1999)
Supreme Court of British Columbia (January 2000)
Provincial Court of British Columbia (February 1999)
British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (January 2000)
British Columbia Securities Commission (January 2001)
Court of Appeal (January 1998)
Court of Queen's Bench (January 1998)
Provincial Court (January 1998)
Alberta Securities Commission (June 2004)
Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan (January 2000)
Court of Queen's Bench (January 1999)
Provincial Court (January 2002)
Automobile Injury Appeal Commission (July 2003)
Court of Appeal (March 2000)
Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba (April 2000)
Provincial Court Manitoba (January 2007)
Ontario Court of Appeal (January 2007)
Superior Court of Justice (January 2010)
Ontario Court of Justice (January 2004)
Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (January 2000)
Law Society Appeal Panel (February 2004)
Law Society Hearing Panel (January 2004)
Court of Appeal of Québec (January 2005)
Superior Court of Québec (January 2006)
Court of Québec (January 2006)
Tribunal des professions du Québec (January 1999)
Conseil de la magistrature du Québec (November 2000)
Commission des relations du travail (November 2002)
New Brunswick
Cour of Appeal of New Brunswick (May 2001)
Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick (from CanLII) (January 2002)
Provincial Court (from CanLII) (December 2002)
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Court of Appeal (September 1999)
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (December 2000)
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Family Division (January 2001)
Provincial Court of Nova Scotia (March 2001)
Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (January 1997)
Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Hearing Panel (January 2004)
Prince Edward Island
Supreme Court, Appeal Division (January 2000)
Supreme Court, Trial Division (January 2000)
Newfoudland and Labrador
Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Court of Appeal (January 2001)
Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Trial Division (July 2003)
Yukon Territory
Court of Appeal (March 2000)
Supreme Court of the Yukon Territory (March 2000)
Territorial Court of Yukon (December 1999)
Small Claims Court (May 2004)
Youth Court (January 2001)
North West Territories
Court of Appeal for the Northwest Territories (December 1999)
Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories (October 1999)
Territorial Court of the Northwest territories (October 1999)
Nunavut Court of Justice (from CanLII) (January 2001)
Court of Appeal of Nunavut (from CanLII) (May 2006)

The Standard in the legal research industry

Carswell - McGill Law Journal
The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (5th ed., Toronto, Carswell, 2002), describes the Standard at Section 3.10.
Quickcite finder allows searching a decision by its neutral citation.
The Guide des références pour la rédaction juridique (6th ed., Montreal, Thémis, 2000), by Didier Lluelles, describes the Standard at page 58.

The Standard in the Press


Warning: the content and format of these documents have not been updated. They are presented here merely for their historical value.

Spring 1999 Consultation
Working documents
Birth of the Neutral citation for case law project

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