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Posting Judgments that can be Listened to – Lexum’s Approach to WCAG Compliance

Web accessibility is about the capacity of Web content to be used by people with disabilities. It aims at lifting barriers that prevent disabled people from navigating the Web, understanding its content and contributing to it.For the visually impaired, this means that the semantics conveyed by the visual presentation of a document, which is implicit for most people, must become explicit through the... Read more

Making old cases new: the digitization of case law

Information that is born digital today tends to be accessible online and thus better preserved than 20 years ago, before the Web made it much easier. Prior to the Web’s revolution in information technology, content that was prepared electronically with word-processors was mostly preserved on paper and not digitally, the native files being overwritten with newer content in order to save memory space... Read more

Model Policy for Access to Court Records in Canada

Model Policy for Access to Court Records in Canada Judges Technology Advisory Committee Canadian Judicial Council September 2005 In May 2003, the Canadian Judicial Council released a discussion paper prepared by the Judges Technology Advisory Committee (JTAC) entitled “Open Courts, Electronic Access to Court Records, and Privacy,” which built upon an earlier report for the Administration of Justice... Read more

Use of Personal Information in Judgments and Recommended Protocol

Judges’ Technology Advisory Committee Use of Personal Information in Judgments and Recommended Protocol The JTAC Open Courts and E-Access to Court Records and Privacy Subcommittee was asked in February, 2004 to consider developing and implementing a standardized national protocol to de-identify family judgments which would allow all of them to be posted on court websites. The subcommittee drafted... Read more

The preparation of documents for electronic distribution

The preparation of documents for electronic distribution  [1]   Frédéric PELLETIER and Daniel POULIN Table of contents Introduction I. Exchange of electronic documents and the risk of involuntary disclosure of information       A. "Metadata"       B. Access to potentially confidential metadata       C. How to avoid the distribution of files containing metadata II. Metadata... Read more