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Knowledge management (KM) professionals know that there are several elements that will make or break the success of a KM initiative. One such element is mostly humans: Will the lawyers in your organization actually adopt the industry leading enterprise search system that you are spending big bucks on? At the same time, anyone who has a close or remote encounter with the law in Canada has CanLII.org... Read more

COVID-19 Update from Lexum

Lexum is participating in the collective voluntary isolation effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 by adopting a 100% remote working schedule for all employees since last week. Lexum has a robust telework infrastructure that allows us to continue to provide all our services and to keep our product installations fully functional during this time. We don’t anticipate delays in our development delivery... Read more


Originally published on Slaw.ca. The title of this post stands for  Artificial Intelligence for Access to Justice . It sounds a little like buzzword festival. Rest assured however – there is no mention whatsoever of  block chain  or  design thinking  further down in the text. A few months ago we sent out  an invitation  to industry partners to join  Lexum Lab  (Lexum’s R&D team) to... Read more

Environmental Scan Report – Free Access to Law – Is it Here to Stay?

Project Director – LexUM: Ivan Mokanov Director of LexUM: Daniel Poulin The Environmental Scans are the first component of the “Free Access to Law – Is it Here to Stay” global study on the sustainability of FAL initiatives. The overall goal of this research is to respond to a need to study what free access to law initiatives do and how they do it. This will lead to an understanding of the... Read more

Free Access to Law – Is it Here to Stay? Researchers methodology guide

This Methodology Guide was developed collaboratively by the project members of “Free Access to Law – Is it Here to Stay?” This study was made possible thanks to a grant from the International Development Research Centre as well as support from the Open Society Institute. The “Free Access to Law – Is it Here to Stay?” project is composed of members from Canada's LexUM, South Africa's SAFLII... Read more