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Solex : Lexum’s Latest Search Engine

In the movie The Man with the Golden Gun , the Solex is a revolutionary device that is meant to solve the 1973 energy crisis. After killing its British inventor, an elite assassin steals the Solex to sell it to foreign powers. James Bond is dispatched to find the assassin and recover the precious device. Because this is a James Bond movie, there’s also a laser . The Solex Agitator Solex also stands for Sol rCloud Lex um plugins... Read more

How Fast Is your Search Engine?

The search engine is at the heart of most information management systems as it is often the principal conduit by which users navigate to the information they are looking for. As a leading provider of information management systems, Lexum has spent a lot of time developing a search engine platform that it applies to all its products. Our search engine provides professional features that are not typically found in the... Read more

Whether you “like” it or not…

Lexum has recently conducted an analysis of the underlying technology behind Facebook  Like , Twitter  Tweet  and other “social” buttons. The analysis revealed that, if used in the way prescribed by Facebook, Google, Twitter et al., these buttons create some significant privacy issues for Webmasters and their users. Before we get to the privacy issues however, it is appropriate to explain how these buttons work... Read more

Sub-second search on CanLII

Sub-second search on CanLII Marc-André Morissette*, Director of Technology, Lexum, Daniel Shane, Senior developer, Lexum, Abstract. Search engines are at the heart of a Legal Information Institute. They are the principal mean by which its users access the information it offers. It is therefore of critical importance that this tool be as efficient as possible. A key component of this “efficiency” metric comes from the time it takes for the search engine to compute a query and return results to the user. This article looks at several ways in which search engine performance can be improved. It investigates the components of server performance that drive search engine performance as well as some information that can be precomputed by modern search engine to minimize the cost of complexity associated with large collections of data. In 2008, several hundred members of various law societies in Canada were surveyed about CanLII. In addition to questions about how they perceived the free service, a number of questions about what they felt could be improved were asked. The answers were not surprising. One, CanLII needs even more content: more courts, more tribunals and older material. Often, respondents were kind enough to be specific about which courts or tribunals to target. Two, it would be nice if it were easier to search. How to get there however, few respondents could say. Download/View  PDF HERE . Read more