Pierre-Paul Lemyre

Pierre-Paul Lemyre

VP Business Development



Pierre-Paul is a lawyer, member of the Quebec Bar, with over 15 years of experience in the legal technology sector. His expertise consists in helping decision-making and regulatory bodies to improve the management and dissemination of their legal information. He supervises all of Lexum’s sales and marketing activities. He has a strong background in international cooperation, having been in charge of international projects when Lexum was an academic research laboratory. He is also recognized as an expert on legal issues related to free and open source software.

Articles written by Pierre-Paul Lemyre

Connecting Public and Private Legal Information Part II: Linking your Legal Citations to CanLII Material

A month ago, I introduced Lexum’s first step in providing Knowledge Management as a Service (KMaaS) via Lexbox. This development has made it possible for Lexbox users to start searching their own documents alongside the public legal information made available on the CanLII website. This post covers the upcoming release of the second feature tied to that approach. In a few weeks Lexum will integrate... Read more

How to Semi-Automate Typesetting to Save Time and Money

Typesetting is the operation consisting in setting the text onto a page so that it looks good.  It originates from the printing world in which typographers initially had to arrange physical types (letters and symbols) to imprint them on paper. Obviously, this work is now completed digitally with the help of dedicated software such as Adobe InDesign, LaTex, or QuarkXPress.  All these solutions are... Read more

Connecting Public and Private Legal Information

In a recent post Ivan Mokanov presented Lexum ’s vision of providing Knowledge Management as a Service to the legal community. It is true that until now KM in the legal sector has been closely associated with expensive enterprise software only at the reach of law firms of a certain size. However, it is our belief that the infrastructure we developed for legal publishing can also be leveraged by lawyers... Read more

Working on An Online System for your Court or Adjudicative Body? Connect it to Decisia for Easy Online Publishing

In the context of the current sanitary crisis, many courts, tribunals, and agencies are looking at solutions to quickly move a portion of their traditional activities to the online world. If you are working on or simply thinking about such a project, you are probably considering off-the-shelve options involving the least possible coding. So, when it comes to making documents from your new system accessible... Read more

Automating the Entire Publishing Chain for Your Court or Agency Decisions

If your organization produces precedential judicial or administrative decisions, you are very aware that the work on a case doesn’t stop when the final decision is delivered to the parties.  Once the docket has been updated via your Court/Case Management System (CMS), the decision rendered must still be published.  This process often involves a webmaster, librarian, or clerk manually feeding your... Read more