Pierre-Paul Lemyre

Pierre-Paul Lemyre

Director of Business Development



Pierre-Paul is a lawyer, member of the Quebec Bar, with over 15 years of experience in the legal technology sector. His expertise consists in helping decision-making and regulatory bodies to improve the management and dissemination of their legal information. He supervises all of Lexum’s sales and marketing activities. He has a strong background in international cooperation, having been in charge of international projects when Lexum was an academic research laboratory. He is also recognized as an expert on legal issues related to free and open source software.

Articles written by Pierre-Paul Lemyre

Improving Publishing without Disrupting how you Operate

Ten years ago, organizations looking to improve online access to their legal material were faced with the requirement to either adopt a generic product designed for non-legal documents, or to invest heavily in a bespoke solution. Many such legacy solutions are still in place today, although they have become somewhat outdated.  Legal research is more sophisticated than it used to be. Users now expect hyperlinked citations... Read more

Lexum’s State Administrative Decisions Census Published in the NAALJ Journal

In October 2016 I announced preliminary results and findings from a survey of the status of online access to administrative decisions in the US.  The formal paper resulting from this research project has just been made available in the latest issue of the Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary (NAALJ) . The paper demonstrates that access to administrative appeals suffers from the same barriers to access as judicial opinions... Read more

What Users Do with Lexbox

Last year Lexum decided to explore a new approach aiming to improve legal research on free websites and making it easier to track over time.  It resulted in the launch of Lexbox , a free Google Chrome extension designed to become your legal research workspace. Lexbox allows you to store links to searches, cases, legislation or any webpage and get notifications as soon as new corresponding material becomes available... Read more

State Administrative Decisions Census

This post includes preliminary results and findings from a survey of the status of online access to administrative decisions in the US.  This survey was conducted over the course of September 2016 and is based on and replicates the methodology developed by Sarah Glassmeyer for the State Legal Information Census published in 2015.  The main objective of this initiative is to expand our understanding of the level of online access to legal information in the US to the field of administrative law... Read more

Why you Should Move Beyond PDF for your Technical Manuals

If you're producing a reference document of some sort, whether it's professional documentation, a product manual or collective agreements, you're most likely making it available to your stakeholders in PDF format.You know you could do better, but you have stuck to PDF until now because a portion of your user base consistently tells you they want to print your manual. PDF is great for printing, let... Read more