AI-Powered Case Analysis Added on CanLII for All Case Law From Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island

In an exciting development for legal professionals and the public alike, CanLII has successfully published AI-powered case analysis for historical case law across the four provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island. This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the accessibility and understanding of legal information in Canada.

The project has achieved almost complete coverage, with the following impressive numbers of enriched documents:

  • Alberta: 121,000 decisions (99% of Alberta case law)
  • Saskatchewan: 60,000 decisions (99% of Saskatchewan case law)
  • Manitoba: 28,000 decisions (98% of Manitoba case law)
  • Prince Edward Island: 4,000 decisions (97% of PEI case law)

The vast amount of case law summarized in these provinces demonstrates the scope and ambition of CanLII’s national initiative. The small volume of files that could not be processed mostly results from decisions being either too long or too short, and a tiniest fraction left is due to incompatibility with the French version, which should be resolved shortly.

The new AI-powered case analyses are accessible via a dedicated tab located at the top of the decision pages:

Each summary is designed to provide a clear and concise overview of the case, aiding both legal professionals and the public in grasping the essential elements of legal decisions more quickly. For each assertion, a link points to the body of the original decision for improved reliability.

This monumental task was made possible through the generous funding provided by the Law Societies of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island. Lexum and CanLII extend their heartfelt thanks for their support.

Looking ahead, the CanLII AI enrichment project is set to expand further. We are already working with CanLII on similar projects for New Brunswick and the Northwest Territories. These upcoming expansions are made possible by the respective support of the New Brunswick Law Foundation and the Northwest Territories Law Foundation, whose contributions are instrumental in extending the reach of this valuable initiative.

Ultimately, CanLII and Lexum’s vision is to provide coast-to-coast access to a large array of AI enrichments to primary legal information for all Canadians. By starting with AI-powered case analysis, we aim to enhance the vulgarization and comprehension of judicial and administrative decisions. Our commitment to leveraging technology to improve access to legal information not only implies that it is available, but also that it is understandable to everyone. As this project progresses, Canadians can look forward to even greater access to clear and concise AI-powered enrichments, promoting transparency and knowledge about the law.