BeaconLive and Lexum Partner to Improve Access to CLE Publications

Bar associations and other continuing legal education providers now benefit from synergies between BeaconLive’s all-in-one CLE, certificate, eLearning, webinar & virtual event solution, and Qweri by Lexum’s interactive online manual solution.  

This new partnership allows integration between the delivery of webinars and in-person events with advanced online publications, using market-leading platforms designed specifically for each type of content. By making all content available via one online store and combining user access with single sign-on, the combination of BeaconLive and Qweri greatly enhances the member’s online experience. 

This collaboration aims at tackling the challenge of compatibility between continuing education solutions. CLE organizations produce different types of content, each requiring a dedicated online delivery approach.   

“Too often, improving access to online publications is constrained by the technology in place for managing membership. By facilitating seamless interaction between our respective solutions, BeaconLive and Lexum are providing CLE providers with increased flexibility to meet the expectations of their members regarding online access to publications” said Pierre-Paul Lemyre, VP Business Development of Lexum.  

“Integrating with Qweri by Lexum allows BeaconLive to broaden its offering to organizations producing and publishing CE content, strengthening our positioning as an all-in-one solution provider” further adds Donny Pattullo, VP of Business Development of BeaconLive. 

Clients and prospects of both companies are invited to get in touch to inquire about the new opportunities generated by this integration. 

About BeaconLive 

BeaconLive is a B2B Virtual Events & Continuing Education Saas platform that elevates and automates every part of the CE & Certificate delivery process. From webinars and webcasts, to on-demand content hosting, to certificate delivery and tracking – their all-in-one platform will improve your workflow, streamline content delivery and save hundreds of hours spent on administrative tasks.  

They routinely support virtual, hybrid and in-person events with their robust webinar platform and automated Continuing Education and Certificate capabilities. Their completely configurable, white-label platform can facilitate multiple tracks & breakout rooms, live to on-demand content, closed captioning, eCommerce, roundtable networking and 150+ interactive features. 

They combine their virtual events and webinar platform with their proprietary Learning Management System to seamlessly incorporate Continuing Education, Professional Development and Certificates into any virtual experience. 

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About Qweri by Lexum  

Lexum is a software company that designs and operates online legal information delivery products. We specialize in the management and the publishing of legal information over the internet. Our Qweri product is a sophisticated front-end interface to publish without hassle online reference material such as eBooks or annotated legislation. 

Drag-and-drop a MS-Word or PDF file and Qweri automatically generates an online version of your document that is structured, professionally displayed, easy to search and find and which can be annotated by users on your own website. By taking care of all aspects of electronic publishing, Qweri allows you to focus on creating content rather than on its editing. 

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