Blending In: Lexum’s Approach to Cloud-Based Services



Blending In: Lexum’s Approach to Cloud-Based Services
Pierre-Paul Lemyre
Director of Business Development, Lexum

Abstract. This paper contemplates how legal information providers can truly benefit from cloud computing. It shows how the main technological needs of decision-making bodies, governing bodies, publishers, and LIIs can be met by Lexum’s distinctive SaaS approach. It concludes that online solutions capable of blending into the legal information provider’s environment provide the most direct path for them to leverage the potential of the cloud.

A few months ago Bell Canada, the leading telecommunication provider in Canada, ran a national marketing campaign promoting its cloud solutions. Like anybody traveling for business, I noticed their ads at the airport. The ads were huge; they were all around. You could not miss the message: put your data online with us, we are fast, we are secure. The investment required for such a marketing campaign targeting the general public demonstrates the fundamental impact of cloud computing on the current economy. Cloud computing is now recognized by most analysts as the leading trend in the IT industry. According to Gartner, total spending on cloud services was $110 billion in 2012 and should grow to $237 billion by 2017 (Gartner, 2013). No wonder the market leaders are all fighting for their piece of the pie.

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