CLE Alabama Starts Producing Digital Publications Using Qweri

CLE Alabama, operated from The University of Alabama School of Law, has been supporting the Alabama legal profession with continuing legal education courses, programs, and publications for the last 40 years. Its current collection of 10 books have been distributed exclusively in print up to the last few weeks. But the growing demand for digital alternatives convinced its leadership that the time was ripe for moving its products online.

CLE Alabama adopted Qweri in December 2020 and launched the online version of its best-seller, McElroy’s Alabama Evidence (7th Edition), in early February 2021. This three-volume publication totals over 2,500 pages and is the leading work about evidence law in the state of Alabama. The fact that it could be delivered digitally in such as short timeframe from its original MS Word format attests of Qweri flexibility in dealing with diverse source material. All formatting adaptations were completed in-house by a single editor from CLE Alabama, in self-publishing mode.

Thanks to this move, clients of CLE Alabama subscribing to the digital version of McElroy’s Alabama Evidence now benefit from the following Qweri features:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • In-document search oriented towards legal research
  • Capacity to highlight and annotate their own version
  • Availability of alternative file formats such as PDF and ePub
  • Flexible printing from the ToC
  • Personalized dashboard to access and search all of their publications and notes

The rest of the books produced by CLE Alabama will likely be rolled out digitally via Qweri over the months to come.