Colin Lachance to step down as President and CEO of CanLII

CanLII’s Board of directors announced yesterday, February 9th, that Colin Lachance is to step down from his position of President and CEO of CanLII. On this occasion, Lexum wishes to acknowledge Colin’s important contribution to the development of Free Access to Law in Canada.

Colin Lachance has held the title of President and CEO of CanLII for four years. Under his leadership, CanLII became stronger and confirmed its status as a leading source for Canadian legal research. Colin is also the driving force behind CanLII*Connects a legal commentary website which complements and enriches CanLII. He also led the evolution of CanLII into a platform offering programming interfaces (API). His time at the helm leaves CanLII stronger and better positioned to play an even greater role in the world of legal information in Canada in the coming years.

Lexum designed the CanLII website fifteen years ago. The company now is a technology and services supplier for the operations of CanLII and its related projects. The President of Lexum, Daniel Poulin, observes that “Colin Lachance combines rigor, a wealth of enthusiasm and great energy.” He adds that under the leadership of Colin Lachance, relations between CanLII and Lexum were marked by respect, trust and collaborative spirit. He concludes that “working with Colin motivates to exceeding expectations and striving for excellence” and that it was a “chance” for the Canadian legal community to have a person of such high caliber in command of a major resource as CanLII.

The entire Lexum team wishes him all the success he deserves in his new endeavors.