Court Martial Decisions Soon to be Made Available with Decisia by the Department of National Defence

The Office of the Chief Military Judge, an independent unit of the Canadian Forces, has selected Decisia to facilitate access to court martial decisions on its own website. In 2013, 75 courts martial decisions were issued. Decisia will substantially improve searching and browsing these decisions, in addition to allowing the dissemination of the court martial archives in a format compatible with web standards of the Canadian federal government.

The Office of the Chief Military Judge personnel include military judges, the Court Martial Administrator and the Deputy Court Martial Administrator, military and civilian court reporters and technical, financial, human resource and administrative support. Military judges adjudicate at courts martial and other military proceedings such as the judicial review of persons held in pre-trial custody.

Decisia is already being used to manage and publish the decisions of forty courts and Canadian tribunals. In addition, Lexum’s technologies on which Decisia is based are used to disseminate the contents of more than 200 legal and administrative institutions.

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