Decisia 4.3 Brings User Groups Feature and Increased Security

Lexum recently rolled-out Decisia 4.3.  Here are some of the new features included in this latest version:

User Groups Feature

Decisia already allowed its clients to provide its intranet users or subscribers with restricted access to confidential databases and documents. Decisia clients are using this feature to provide secure online access to additional information to staff or adjudicators, or to manage internal banks of precedents.  With Decisia 4.3 it is now possible to create user groups in Decisia, allowing for granular access control of documents.

Access control by user groups can be defined at the collection level, or at the document level.  For instance if a collection is set to be visible only to Adjudicators, only user with a profile associated with the group Adjudicators will have access to the corresponding documents in Decisia. In this situation there is no need to restrict access to individual documents since all documents will inherit the collection’s permissions.  Alternatively, it is possible to restrict access to a specific document to the group Clerks, even when this document is included in a collection configured to be visible on the public website of the organization.

Groups are created, edited and deleted via the secure Decisia administrative interface.

Increased Security for User Passwords

A more robust password management framework is now integrated to Decisia in order to enhance access control to restricted documents.  Individual users of Decisia clients providing privileged access to secured databases and documents must now insure that their passwords meet a higher level of security.  This improvement considerably reduces the risk of unauthorized access due to the use of low-quality passwords where restricted documents are stored within Decisia.