Decisia 4.7 Eases Import and Export

Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Decisia: Decisia 4.7. Here’s what’s new:

JSON Feeds

Decisia now supports JSON feeds (, see also JSON feeds are similar to RSS feeds, though they are easier to use for developers.


Improved EXPORT of Administrative Interface Search Results

When using the “Export results into a file” feature in the Decisia administrative interface, you’ll now be provided with 3 additional columns of information: Original document (Word, WP, other), HTML and PDF. These columns contain the filenames of the different documents uploaded to and generated by Decisia.

zipped HTML files

With version 4.7, Decisia now supports the upload and download of zipped HTML files:

  • upload a .zip file containing an HTML file and images into Decisia to have said images duly displayed on the website;
  • when a Word document containing images is uploaded into Decisia, the generated HTML file, which you can download, will be provided in .zip file format (HTML file + images).

Note that when a zipped HTML file is uploaded into Decisia, no PDF is generated on the website.