Decisia Now Featured on BCUC Website

Decisia is now live on the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) website.

Until now, searching BCUC decision has been arduous and limited. BCUC decided to improve access to its decisions through Decisia’s self-managing and publishing solution. Reasons for decisions, orders, directives, certificates, and standards can now be accessed using full-text and advanced search methods. On top of looking for specific area of interest by keywords, it is now possible to filter documents by company name, date, proceeding name and order type. BCUC archived materials made available to the legal community and the public with Decisia date back to 1980.

BCUC is a regulatory agency of the provincial government of British Columbia, operating pursuant to the Utilities Commission Act. The Commission is responsible for ensuring utility sufficiency, customer satisfaction and fair shareholder return all while balancing the interests of B.C. businesses. It also approves the construction of new facilities planned by utilities and their issuance of shares.

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