Decisia Version 4.4 Released

Lexum is pleased to announce the latest version of Decisia: 4.4. Decisia 4.4 continues to provide online publishing services for decision-making bodies with enhanced features that will make the service even more streamlined for producers and users of legal decisions. The new features include:

Modernized Administrative Interface

Version 4.4 offers the same easy-to-use functionalities with a more engaging and contemporary look. The updated interface will facilitate the future introduction of greater functionality and provides a more pleasant overall user experience as you work to publish your decisions.

For best results, use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your browser.

More Options for Saving Documents

The process of saving documents in Decisia’s administrative interface is now broken down for content managers. This will allow content managers to see what steps are taking place when a document is converted into Decisia’s various formats, as well as facilitate the troubleshooting process when a document is having difficulty being saved. The result of this update is that your organization will have greater administrative control over your document’s files.

Optimized Searches

At Lexum we are always working on providing greater search functionality. With both the Advanced Search on the website and the search functionality in the administrative interface, Decisia 4.4 offers faster search results than ever before.

Additional Information

Decisia is an online service for decision-making bodies seeking to offer easy and professional access to their legal decisions. We are confident that these new features will serve your organization well.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please communicate with Lexum’s support services at, 514.316.2100 or 1.855.316.2100.