Guyana's judicial system is moving forward with LexSuite

In 2010 Lexum announced the conclusion of an agreement with the judicial system of Guyana for the development and deployment of a case management and document management system. After several months of customization, installation of hardware and procedural adjustments at the registries involved, the new case management and document management system was deployed a few weeks ago and has been fully operational since. Registry staff in Georgetown and Berbice is now able to manage all information related to the High Court dockets in electronic format, including all of their document archives. The solution provided by Lexum and based on its LexSuite software suite, also includes all the basic modules required for managing a court, such as the generation of reports and statistics, the automatic generation of forms and document templates as well as the management of monetary inputs and outflows.

With this successful deployment Lexum demonstrates once again its leadership and the flexibility of its technology with the electronic management of judicial information.