Improved Access to Canadian Legislation with Qweri!

Over the last decades Lexum consistently strived to make Canadian legislation easier to access over the Internet. Our objective is to continue providing free access to legislative material using our latest technologies as broadly as possible. In this line of thoughts three sets of Canadian legislation are permanently made available online using Qweri, our versatile publishing platform:

Thanks to Qweri these documents are made available with dynamic tables of contents, database and in-document search, contextual links to case law (on CanLII) and an annotation feature. We invite you to create a free account on any of these sites (it takes 30 seconds) in order to enable you to add your own private highlights and notes to the body of the statutes (note that there is a limit of 25 notes per user in the free version).

Please contact us if your organization is interested in building on these collections for internal knowledge management purposes.

We hope you will find these resources useful to your practice. Send us your feedback!