La Chaire Lexum – Lexum's commitment to improve access to legal information

On 11 November 2014, the Executive Committee of the Université de Montréal decided on the name “Chaire Lexum” to describe the research Chair used to continue the work undertaken by the Laboratoire Lexum from 1993 to 2010. At the same time, the objectives of the research Chair, access to legal information, law and justice as well as the consideration of issues related to the use of information technology in the legal world have been reaffirmed. This decision follows the retirement of the founder of the Chair, Professor Daniel Poulin.

This is a new step in the development of this research previously conducted by the laboratoire Lexum, which has already greatly contributed to the dissemination and democratization of legal information in Quebec, Canada and in the world. The research activities carried out by Lexum have resulted in one of the first legal information websites in the world, the Supreme Court of Canada decisions website.

The research Chair will benefit from a fund worth upwards of $ 2.5 million resulting from the activities of Lexum conducted over a period of nearly twenty years. This fund makes it one of the largest in Canada for legal research. Daniel Poulin, president of Lexum Inc., welcomes the recent decision of the Université de Montréal. For him, “the existence of the research Chair and the results of the work to be undertaken will demonstrate Lexum’s commitment for improving our legal system by mobilizing technological developments.”

Lexum Inc. is now a private company run by the lawyers and scientists who founded it. Lexum provides technology products and services to the legal community as well as various organizations responsible for the dissemination of legal information. Its offering is based primarily around its three products:

  • Decisia – for the management and dissemination of judicial and administrative decisions
  • Oyez Oyez – for the management and dissemination of regulatory material
  • Qweri – for the management and distribution of manuals and reference works

These products are used by dozens of companies and government agencies in Canada and abroad. They benefit from the expertise and technology assets accumulated by Lexum over the past twenty years.

Thus, by its commitment to university research and by its own work aiming at the development of innovative products, Lexum intends to remain at the heart of the informational world of Canadian lawyers.

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