Legislative Links Added to SCC Decisions

Federal legislative citations included in the judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) are now linked to the statutes and regulations on Qweri. This new feature offers an important time saver as it is no longer required to search for citations separately. All federal statutes and regulations are now a mouse click away from the SCC decisions.

This has been made possible by merging together the power of Decisia and Qweri, two of Lexum’s products. Decisia is used by the SCC to manage and publish its judgments. Qweri provides a sophisticated front-end interface for complex documents. Linking both solutions together, you get a powerful and innovative hosted solution offering the best in legal information accessibility.

Visit the SCC decisions website with integrated legislative links: scc-csc.lexum.com

The screenshot below shows an example of citations linked to the corresponding statute’s sections.