Lexbox on CanLII Becomes myCanLII

In line with the Lexbox service upgrade that we recently announced, among which we provide all users with the features previously limited to Premium subscribers, Lexbox on CanLII has been rebranded to myCanLII:


This cosmetic change has no impact on the level of service you receive, the data stored in accounts, or login credentials, as Lexbox continues to power myCanLII. However, please note that from now on, former Lexbox accounts are accessible at https://my.canlii.org.

Users are invited to bookmark this page. For those using a password manager, please update your Lexbox record with the new name and URL. You can also easily access your accounts from the CanLII website by clicking the myCanLII button.

Also, note that the new support email address for myCanLII is support@my.canlii.org.