Lexbox Premium Now Available in Beta

After releasing several new Lexbox features over the last few months, Lexum is glad to announce that Lexbox Premium is now available in Beta mode. We are looking for Lexbox power users to try it out and let us know what you think.

Lexbox Premium is designed for you if one of the following has the potential to benefit your practice:

  • Storing your own documents in your Lexbox folders and finding them on CanLII
  • Having more than 10 active alerts feeds or feeds based on the content of your own documents
  • Regularly adding links pointing to CanLII on legal citations in your documents
  • Permanently keeping track of your search history for billing purpose
  • Integrating CanLII with your Clio account

Starting April 13, 2021, Lexbox Premium will be made available at $20 / month and includes 5 gigs of storage for your documents, and up to 100 alert feeds. Extra storage and feeds will also be available if needed. You can view the complete plan here.

For a limited time, users signing up for the Beta version of Lexbox Premium get the first few weeks of service for free. No credit card information or other form of payment details are required at this stage. However, note that payment details will need to be added to your account before the end of the free Beta period for your Lexbox Premium subscription to renew automatically.

Lexbox is a product of Lexum, a subsidiary of CanLII. All revenues generated are kept within the CanLII family and serve to improve the CanLII user experience.