Lexbox Premium Rolls Out

Lexum is proud to announce that Lexbox Premium is now available for Lexbox users interested in upgrading their base account with more storage capacity, more alert feeds, as well as a few unique features. You can view the complete plan here.

Over the last few weeks several hundred users have contributed to testing the beta version of Lexbox Premium, and their feedback tells us that Premium is ready for official duty. In fact, 70% of the beta testers surveyed told us that the new features make Lexbox better than the competition!

Lexbox Premium can still be tried for free until April 13, 2021. However, you will need to provide your payment details to benefit from the Premium features after that date. This step can be completed as of now, from the My profile page of your account.

Lexbox is a product of Lexum, a subsidiary of CanLII. All revenues generated are kept within the CanLII family and serve to improve the CanLII user experience.