Lexum Contributes to the Proceedings of the Hague Conference on Access to Foreign Law

From February 15 to 17 the European Commission and the Hague Conference on Private International Law held a conference in Brussels under the theme “ Access to Foreign Law in Civil and Commercial Matters“. Professor Daniel Poulin, President of Lexum, chaired a panel on the theme of “Availability of online legal information.” According to prof. Poulin, the unanimous conclusions of the conference are extremely favorable to expanding access to law at the international level. Indeed, at their conclusion 8, participants highlighted an essential role of the States “[T]he conference confirms that States should make available without cost to users legislation and relevant case law online. Such information should be authoritative, up-to-date, and also include access to law previously in force.” This conclusion is based on the guiding principles identified in 2008 that promote open access, the right to copy public legal information, the implementation of neutral citations and several other founding principles of free access to law.