Lexum is Inviting Industry Partners to Join Lexum Lab in Pilot Implementations of Legal Data Enhancement Technologies

Lexum Lab –  Lexum’s R&D unit – currently conducts several projects in the fields of text analysis, information retrieval, metadata extraction, document enhancement, and classification.

We use machine learning and deep learning techniques on the millions of documents available on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website.  Our approach provides versatile solutions for various use cases, such as:

  • Identify precedential decisions and legislative provisions for any statement of facts related to a legal issue;
  • Guide self-represented litigants over the initial steps of legal research;
  • Cluster legal documents based on common characteristics;
  • Make use of user metrics, behavior and interaction with legal information to power search result ranking.

We believe that our algorithms trained on CanLII’s data have the potential to benefit your own datasets. We are, therefore, extending this invitation to organizations dealing with substantial volume of legal data – legal departments, courts, tribunals, publishers, and others – to join a pilot project aiming at testing the potential of our R&D efforts for your business.