Notarius Brings Digital Signatures to Decisia

Clients using Decisia for the management and publishing of their legal information databases can now opt to digitally sign their documents at the time of posting. Digital signatures guarantee the reliability and authenticity of the organization’s identity and the legal validity of its electronic documents. Once signed with an Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) certificate, each copy downloaded from the client Decisia account becomes an original. For clients operating under a regulated framework mandating the provision of officially signed documents, this new feature enable Decisia to meet high levels of legal reliability for electronic documents anywhere in the world.

Digital signatures in Decisia are powered by Notarius, a leading expert in electronic signatures, digital signatures and the long-term reliability of electronic documents with over 25 years of experience. Founded in 1996, Notarius collaborates with close to 60 professional associations and serves more than 5,000 companies, universities, and municipalities. The company manages close to 60,000 individual digital signature certificates.

Decisia transparently integrates with Notarius’s ConsignO Server® and CertifiO® solutions to apply digital signatures to the PDF version of documents posted under selected collections. The signatures are automatically embedded to documents when their Publication Status is set to “Publish” by an authorized user. No need to independently handle any token or to export documents to a third-party solution, the entire signature workflow is handled via the Decisia administrative interface, and the proof of authenticity is embedded in the digitally signed file.

Please note that digital signatures are not available for all Decisia packages and involve additional costs. Get in touch to learn more about this new feature and how it can complement your Decisia account.