NovaWorks and Lexum Announce Legislative Data Management and Publishing Partnership

NovaWorks and Lexum join forces to support the legislative sector with top-of-the-class cloud solutions for the management and publishing of legislative data. NovaWorks offers a wide range of convenient and easy to customize online solutions supporting a modern parliamentary experience, including e-voting, e-petitions, sitting calendar, members management, and more. By combining a selection of NovaWorks modules with some of Lexum’s legal information delivery products, legislative assemblies and parliaments now have access to a complete suite of nimble software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions specifically designed to support their wide range of stakeholders.

This partnership is a direct result of Lexum efforts to join forces with other leading providers of legislative solutions. “From drafting legislation, managing legislative data and workflows, to powering legislative websites, Lexum and its partners are now covering all of the needs of 21st century legislative assemblies” says Ivan Mokanov, President of Lexum. “Together, GPSL, Xcential, Lexum and NovaWorks are proposing a best-of-breed alternative to the endless custom development projects promoted by large consulting firms. All our companies rely on turnkey products and are operated by passionate founders strongly invested in transforming how parliaments leverage technology” further adds Jonathan Ruckert, NovaWorks Chief Executive Officer.

NovaWorks has been supporting Australian parliaments, and others from around the world, since 2004. Its data management modules are powering legislative workflows, bridging the gap between the authoring of legislation and the online publishing of the resulting bills, Hansards, statutes, and regulations with Lexum’s Decisia and Qweri.

About NovaWorks

NovaWorks has extensive experience working with government departments from around the world to help design and develop technology solutions. The company offers cloud-based solutions such as tendering software, electronic petition systems, digital parliament and legislation solutions, electronic voting, electronic board/cabinet papers and the ability to facilitate online hearings.

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About Lexum

Lexum is a software company that designs and operates online legal information delivery products. Lexum specializes in the management and the publishing of legal information over the internet.

The company is well-known for its impact on the Canadian legal sector, where it began operating in 1993 by collaborating with the Supreme Court of Canada to publish the Court’s decisions on the internet. Since then, Lexum has become the primary provider of online access to Canadian legal information. The company supports tens of major North American legal institutions with information management, publishing and search services, including Canada’s Department of Justice, the Judiciary of Arkansas, and the New Mexico Compilation Commission, to name only a few.

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