Qweri 3.3 – Improved Printing and Search Pages, Limiting Multiple Sessions

Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Qweri: Qweri 3.3. Here’s what’s new:

Printing of the Search Query and Number of Results

With Qweri 3.2, you could already print your list of search results.

Qweri 3.3 goes further by including your search terms and the number of search results in your printout. You will find this information on the top left of your printable page. Moreover, the search results are now numbered under this view.

Sticky Search Bar Undder the Search Tab

Qweri 3.3 also facilitates the browsing of search results by continuously providing access to the search bar at the top of the left panel, even when scrolling up and down within the list of results.

Limiting Multiple Sessions

Finally, Qweri 3.3 offers the possibility for clients to limit multiple activities on different sessions for a single user. With this feature enabled, if a user logs into his account while another session is already active, the first session is automatically closed. This feature strongly limits the capacity of end users to share usernames and passwords.