Reflex – Bridging Open Access with a Legacy Legal Information System


Law via the Internet 2005 – Port Vila, November 17–19, 2005

Daniel POULIN, Éric PARÉ and Ivan MOKANOV
LexUM/CanLII, Faculty of Law, University of Montréal

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a citator is “a book or section of a book containing tables of cases or statutes that have been judicially cited in later cases.” However, the citators offered by major law publishers do much more than this.

They provide not only compilations of texts cited in case law, but also information derived from editorial analyses of the relations among the documents. Until now, owing to the resources required to develop and maintain such tools, citators have remained beyond the reach of free publication. Citators, along with summaries and key words, have become primary features of commercial legal publishing.

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