The Competition Tribunal of Canada Integrates Decisia to Its Brand-New Website

The Competition Tribunal of Canada (CT) just released a revamped website providing improved access to tribunal information, its cases, its procedure and e-filing capabilities.  Decisia is now used by the CT for providing access to 2,800 bilingual case details and case documents produced since 1986. This information can now be searched according to a wide range of criteria, including the type of application, parties, panel members, status, section(s) of the Competition Act involved, and much more.

If you are practicing in the field of competition law in Canada, make sure to subscribe to the new mailing list that will keep you notified when new documents get posted to the CT website.

The Competition Tribunal is a specialized tribunal that combines expertise in economics and business with expertise in law. It has jurisdiction to hear and dispose of all applications made under parts VII.1 and VIII of the Competition Act and any related matters. It also hears references filed pursuant to section 124.2 of the Competition Act. The cases it hears deal with matters such as business mergers; abuse of dominant position; agreements between competitors; refusal to comply; price maintenance; other restrictive trade practices; deceptive marketing practices; specialization agreements; delivered pricing; foreign judgments, law and directives that adversely affect economic activity in Canada; and refusals to supply by foreign suppliers.