The Copyright Board of Canada Adds Proposed Tariffs to Its Decisia Account

The Copyright Board of Canada (CBC) has been using Decisia for several years to publish its documents. The Decisia account of the CBC allows copyright owners and collective societies to search and access copyright information. This information is organized under different collections, such as licences, decisions, approved tariffs, unlocatable copyright owners and more.

Lexum recently supported the CBC in publishing hundreds of proposed tariffs on its website using Decisia. A proposed tariff is simply a proposal put forth by a collective society, such as the Sodrac or Copibec, to be examined and approved by the Board. Some of the proposed tariffs currently under review were migrated from other sections of the CBC website, but many of them were not previously available online. Like other categories of documents published by the CBC, all proposed tariffs are made available in both official languages.

The CBC is an institution whose fundamental purpose is to establish fair and equitable tariffs and licences through timely and fair processes. The Board is mainly responsible for approving tariffs for the use of musical works, sound recordings and public performances by a wide range of entities including television stations, satellite radio, online music services, hotels, and restaurants; the use of literary works by educational institutions and governments; or the retransmission of works embedded in distant television and radio signals, among other things.