The Court of Appeal for Ontario Upgrades its Website with Decisia

The decisions of the Court of Appeal for Ontario are now managed and published using Decisia. Approximately 21,000 decisions issued since 1998 were migrated by Lexum from the Court legacy repository. Case names, decision dates, citations, docket numbers and judge’s names were extracted from the body of existing files to enable search by fields. In combination with Decisia’s full-text search capacity, this newly structured data helps to greatly improve search capability for the Court website users.

The adoption of Decisia by the Court also enables the automatic synching of its decisions to the CanLII website. Once posted by the Court library staff via the Decisia administrative interface, decisions can become available to CanLII users within the next 24 hours.

The Court of Appeal for Ontario is the highest level of court in Ontario and hears appeals from the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. The Chief Justice of Ontario, the Associate Chief Justice of Ontario, and approximately 30 other judges sit on the Court of Appeal. The Court typically hears more than 1000 appeals and more than 1000 motions each year in most areas of law including appeals from both civil and criminal proceedings.