The Cyberjustice Laboratory Case Management System and Decisia Now Connecting Together

The Cyberjustice Laboratory and Lexum are proud to announce that their respective solutions now easily integrate with each other.  Thanks to a dedicated connector, docket information managed within the Cyberjustice Case Management System (CMS) can be seamlessly synchronized with a matching Decisia account.

This development makes it easier than ever for judicial and administrative bodies to simultaneously enhance the electronic management of their records and its online publishing.  It enables clerks to control and manage all components of the record from within the CMS, including which files and associated metadata should be made available to the public. Material flagged for public access is then automatically published online via Decisia, providing the users of the client’s website with advanced legal research features such as Boolean, wildcard and proximity search, stemming, and the intelligent highlighting of keywords.

This connector drastically reduces the time and efforts required for the integration of the Cyberjustice Lab CMS and Decisia.  Clients of both organizations should take it into account when planning for improved record management or online access initiatives. –Pierre-Paul Lemyre, Director of Business Development at Lexum

The Cyberjustice Laboratory is a hub for thought and creativity, where justice processes are modelled and re-imagined. More specifically, the Laboratory analyses the impact of technologies on justice and develops concrete technological tools that are adapted to the reality of justice systems. Its CMS is a Web application that enables the management of the judiciary chain. It is very flexible and adaptable in that it allows for the creation of a court file as well as allowing several categories of users to be associated with that file and follow its evolution throughout the legal process.

Decisia is Lexum’s solution for courts, tribunals, boards, and agencies looking to organize and make their decisions available and easy to search on their own websites or intranets. It is the leading self-publishing solution for judicial and administrative bodies, enabling clients to provide legal research capabilities under their brand and visual identity.  Decisia main benefits include quick, intelligent searches and effortless content updates.