The Defensoria Penal Publica of Chile Upgrades to Decisia and Qweri

Lexum is pleased to announce that the Defensoria Penal Publica of Chile (DPPC) will be replacing its current knowledge management system with our products, Decisia and Qweri. The transition will take place over the next few months.

Lexum has been collaborating with DPPC since 2008. Our work together began with the creation a custom-made database providing access to relevant legislation, caselaw and legal scholarship to the DPPC lawyers and staff. Our primary focus has always been to create a system that is user friendly, comprehensive and efficient.

In transitioning to Decisia and Qweri, the DPPC will benefit from the following:

  • Moving from a custom system to turn-key products, which decreases risk while increasing cost-benefit;
  • Phasing out on-site installation to a hosted environment, resulting in better uptime and less infrastructure;
  • Capacity to add new search fields on-demand within Decisia;
  • Integrated technology that will allow for the annotation of the Chilean codes within Qweri; and
  • Ongoing connectivity between legislation and caselaw, increasing both efficiency and productivity. E.g.: Deep linking between Decisia and Qweri will make it possible to access sections of the Penal codes while reviewing a case, or from one of those sections to access a list of cases citing it.

DPPC is a public service agency provided under the supervision of the President of the Republic of Chile through the Ministry of Justice. DPPC ensures that the interests of an accused person are properly represented and that due process is exercised throughout their criminal matter. Its mandate is that every chilean has a right to a defense lawyer.

We are excited to be apart of DPPC step towards bringing together legal innovation, access to justice and technology.