The First Nations Gazette Now Powered by Decisia and Qweri

The First Nations Gazette (FNG) recently released a modernized website leveraging Lexum’s solutions for providing online access to its various components. The FNG database is composed of the following data:

  • Part I: First Nation public notices and notices relating to Aboriginal matters by other governments and organizations made available via Decisia.
  • Part II: Enacted First Nations Legislation made available via Decisia, and the Digital Annual Gazettes made available via Qweri.
  • Part III: Policies, procedures and standards made available via Decisia.

In total, this is over 9,000 legislative documents and notices that were migrated by Lexum from multiple source formats including unOCRed and OCRed PDF, HTML, and MS-Word files.

“From its historic launch twenty-three years ago on Aboriginal Day, the Gazette has provided access to First Nation legislation for First Nation governments, their members, taxpayers and the general public. Lexum brings their expertise and experience to strengthen access to the First Nations Gazette and enable it to maintain its role as the authoritative reference for First Nation law in Canada” said Chief Commissioner of the First Nations Tax Commission, C.T. (Manny) Jules.

The mission of the FNG is to provide public notice of First Nation laws, by-laws, land codes, and other First Nation legislation, and to otherwise serve as the authoritative reference for First Nation law in Canada. The FNG was officially launched on June 21, 1997 (Aboriginal Day), in response to the growing need to provide public notice of First Nation legislation as First Nations increasingly exercise and expand their legislative jurisdictions. Provincial and federal governments publish their laws, regulations, and other notices through their Gazettes. The FNG provides a similar service for First Nations.