The Manitoba Securities Commission New Website Integrates Decisia

MSC Website

The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) brand new website integrates Decisia to provide improved access to all hearings and proceedings documents. Reasons for decisions, orders, notices, as well as instruments, rules and policies can now be browsed by date, case name and subject. Decisia also allows to search MSC documents full-text or according to specific criteria including the decision type, jurisdiction or legislation applied. Notice how MSC PDF documents are presented in-line (embedded within the HTML page). 

To access Decisia from the MSC home page click “Hearings & Proceedings” under the “Law & Policy” tab of the main heading menu.

MSC is an independent agency of the Government of Manitoba that protects investors and promotes fair and efficient capital markets throughout the province. The Commission deal with policy formulation, applications seeking exemptive or other special relief and perform a judicial function in the hearing of disciplinary proceedings.