The Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules Now Powered by Qweri

The Nova Scotia Judiciary recently integrated Qweri to the Courts of Nova Scotia website to improve interaction with the Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules and other related documents such as the Court of Appeal Practice Directives, Provincial Court Rules and Practice Directives, and Supreme Court Practice Memorandums. The Civil Procedure Rules are available in both official languages, and now benefit from Qweri’s dynamic table of contents and in-document search. PDF and ePub versions are also available for download, as well as a printer-friendly version that can be customized by selecting items from the table of contents.

These updates are part of the ongoing Courts Website Refresh project to improve the content, presentation, structure, and behaviour of the Courts of Nova Scotia website. The new site is expected to launch in the fall of 2021.

The Nova Scotia Judiciary has been a client of Lexum since 2003. It operates courthouses in 12 larger communities across the province for all provincial courts. It has been one of the early adopters of Decisia for the publishing of the province’s court decisions. Its website provides access to court dockets, court decisions, as well as official information for bar members and the media.