The Quebec Department of Education Adopts Qweri to add Collective Bargaining Agreements to its Online Services

Lexum is proud to announce that the Quebec Department of Education has chosen Qweri to add collective bargaining agreements to its existing database of disciplinary decisions.

The Greffe des tribunaux d’arbitrage du secteur de l’éducation has long been providing the leading labour law information service for unions and employers operating in the education sector in Quebec.  It provides full service support for the grievance arbitration of unionized staff, including the management of files, sharing information about the processes of arbitration and about arbitration awards.  It’s online services include a database of all arbitration awards rendered in the sector, as well as arbitration awards on pension plans (CARRA) managed by Retraite Québec. The addition of collective bargaining agreements via Qweri will soon allows the Department of Education to provide exhaustive access to all domain-specific material.

Key feature of the new database consist in the integration between the publication services offered by Decisia and Qweri, which are now both used by the Department of Education.  Arbitration awards are published through Decisia, and the newly added collective bargaining agreements will be published through Qweri.  The deep integration of both content types will allow for increased ease of use from the user perspective, including the capacity to follow citations between the jurisprudence and the corresponding agreements, as well as the ability to annotate collective bargaining agreements.