The Supreme Court of Canada Decisions’ Website Is Evolving

Some of you may have noticed that after over 25 years of being hosted exclusively under the Lexum domain at, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) judgments are now also available under the Court’s own domain at On top of the new URL, the database has been graphically integrated with the SCC institutional website, making it easier to navigate between judgments and the rest of the information published online by the court.

Renée Thériault, the Court’s Executive Legal Officer, says “This initiative is part of the Court’s continued efforts to make case-related information more accessible to the public.” From Lexum’s perspective, it also aligns its most prestigious Decisia account (Decisia is Lexum’s self-publishing solution for case law) with the rest of its clientele. Other appellate courts already integrating Decisia to their official public websites includes the Arkansas Judiciary, the New Mexico Courts, and the Nova Scotia Judiciary.

You can rest assured that bookmarks or historical links pointing to the domain will continue to work for the foreseeable future.  In fact, both aliases are pointing to the exact same content. The main change is that users accessing the SCC content under the Lexum domain will from now on experience the updated look-and-feel.

Lexum started publishing the SCC decisions over the Internet on a Gopher server before the web was even invented.  This evolution is simply the latest step taken to ensure that access to the SCC judgments is kept at the forefront of the best practices of the industry.

Access the SCC Decisions’ Website under its new domain here: