The Washington Public Employment Relations Commission Launches a New Decision Search Engine with Decisia


The Washington Public Employment Relations Commission (Washington PERC) recently enhanced its website by consolidating four types of content with the help of Decisia.  Thanks to Decisia it is now possible to undertake a combined search of all of Washington PERC decisions from one single access point.  The brand new decisions website is available at:

The Washington PERC decision website provides extensive access to more than 8,500 labor decisions dating back to 1976.  Lexum is proud of its contribution in processing and formatting thousands of legacy decisions in order to enhance their online display.  This work contributed to standardize all of Washington PERC decisions, whenever they were rendered, under a common template.

The Washington PERC is the Washington State agency with jurisdiction over public sector labor relations and collective bargaining in Washington. It assists parties in resolving labor-management disputes. It administers eight different collective bargaining laws covering approximately 350,000 public sector employees.