Vocalmeet and Lexum: the Perfect Partnership for Legal Associations

Two leading technology companies in the legal sector have partnered to provide a better experience for bar associations.

August 18, 2022 marks an exciting day for bar association technology; Vocalmeet, a leading provider of CLE Management Systems (including Learning Management, Live Webinars, Membership Management, Event Management, and more), is proud to announce that they have partnered with the software company Lexum, which specializes in the management and publishing of legal information over the internet.

“Our partnership with Lexum will allow both companies to thrive and supply superior technology to legal associations across North America,” says Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste, Vice President of Professional Services at Vocalmeet. “We look forward to  providing our clients with the best possible service and to expanding our offerings in this distinguished market.”

The legal industry is evolving rapidly as new technological advancements become available. Consequently, bar associations should consider embracing a digital-first, member-driven approach to all elements of their operations in order to remain competitive. Vocalmeet and Lexum are leaders in the field of technology innovation.

“Together, Vocalmeet and Lexum makes it easier for CLE providers interested in enhancing access to publications,” says Pierre-Paul Lemyre, Vice President Business Development for Lexum. “This partnership removes barriers between our respective solutions, generating new opportunities for our clients and prospects.”

The partnership between Lexum and Vocalmeet will help legal associations streamline their workflows, while still providing an unmatched experience for their members.

Visit Vocalmeet and Lexum to learn more.

About Vocalmeet

Vocalmeet is the leader for a new generation of digital learning platforms, member management software, and conference registration systems. Based in Delaware and Toronto, Vocalmeet is fully committed to improving the way member-based organizations generate revenue with their e-learning programs, conferences, and member services. With its unique approach to technology, Vocalmeet provides e-commerce driven solutions that are easy to implement, performance-oriented, and user-friendly.

About Qweri by Lexum    

Lexum is a software company that designs and operates online legal information delivery products. Lexum specializes in the management and publishing of legal information over the internet.

Lexum’s Qweri product is a sophisticated front-end interface that allows hassle-free publication of online reference material, such as eBooks or annotated legislation. Drag-and-drop a MS-Word or PDF file and Qweri automatically generates an online version of your document that is structured, professionally displayed, easy to search and find, and can be annotated by users on your own website. By taking care of all aspects of electronic publishing, Qweri allows you to focus on content creation rather than content editing.