Working on An Online System for your Court or Adjudicative Body? Connect it to Decisia for Easy Online Publishing

In the context of the current sanitary crisis, many courts, tribunals, and agencies are looking at solutions to quickly move a portion of their traditional activities to the online world. If you are working on or simply thinking about such a project, you are probably considering off-the-shelve options involving the least possible coding. So, when it comes to making documents from your new system accessible online for the parties and/or the general public, why not connect it to a turn-key online service designed specifically for this purpose?

Decisia can be easily supplied with data generated by any online system via its API. If you are technical enough, you can build your own Decisia API queries using the documentation available on this page:

If this all looks awfully complicated, do not worry. Lexum can provide technical assistance to connect your preferred solution with ours. Nothing difficult here, it is a simple question of mapping the fields of your system with the corresponding fields in Decisia. Moreover, generic connectors already exist for several Court Management System (CMS).

And for those interested in exporting data from an existing Decisia account, equivalent solutions are also in place. Besides the RSS feeds enabled by most of our clients, Decisia has JSON feeds that make it possible to share structured data with third parties. The account of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario provides an example of JSON feeds providing public access to extensive metadata from administrative decisions. Access controlled feeds can also be implemented to include sensitive information.

Lexum created Decisia specifically to facilitate the purpose of facilitating the online flow of legal information. Before asking your webmaster to spend time adapting your court, tribunal, or agency website to accommodate such content, you should consider the simplest approach of plugging straight into Decisia.