Qweri 1.10 Brings Database Search and Notes Sharing!

Lexum is pleased to announce Qweri 1.10. Here’s what’s new:

Database-wide search

Users can now search all documents published in the client’s Qweri database from the database dashboard. To access the database-wide search, click on the “Dashboard” link in the upper right corner of any document. 

Qweri Dashboard

Search in notes

Database-wide search will look up content which is part of the document text but users also have the option to search in the document notes if they created or have access to such notes.

Qweri Search

Search in notes is also possible separately for each document and is accessible in each document’s “Notes” tab. 

Qweri Search Notes

Shared and public notes

Until now, users could create personal notes in documents. With Qweri 1.10, users can share those notes with a group that they are member of. Users with administrative rights can also share notes with the public.

Qweri Notes