We understand that a powerful search engine is the core of any legal information database.   For this reason we developed Solex, a search solution based on the SolrCloud technology that we enhanced for legal information retrieval.

Full-text search at its best

During peak periods Solex returns results in 0.0043 seconds on average, 35 times per second.

Get sub-second results under any condition

Solex is fully scalable, meaning that the size of your database does not impact its response time. It provides contextual full text search in the body of your documents, as well as filtered search within a wide range of fields supported by our solutions. We are so confident of its performances, that we guarantee them in our service-level agreement.

Get the most relevant results at the top

Solex supports Boolean, wildcard, and proximity operators to help you identify in a snap the documents that you need. It proposes corrections for your typos, auto-complete exact matches in titles or citations, and looks for all derivatives of the keywords submitted. Its ranking can take into account the authoritativeness of your legal documents by leveraging the citations count. We are even working on using artificial intelligence to weight in users behaviors such as the number of clicks, time spent reading, and more.

Each day we process over 800,000 search queries.

case study

The Canadian Legal Information Institute is the leading source of Canadian law online. The site’s platform for processing and managing decisions, legislation and secondary material, search engine and various functionalities were created by Lexum. Lexum also provides a complete range of editorial services for updating the site. The CanLII site hosts over 2.5 million documents.