Efficient Access to Your Decisions

Decisia is an online tool for decision-making bodies wishing to self-publish their decisions from their own website, intranet and extranet.

Courts, boards, tribunals, agencies, associations and other similar institutions use Decisia to manage and self-publish their judgments, decisions, opinions, orders, as well as related documents such as hearing notices, bulletins or press releases. Organizations use Decisia to power their public websites, to offer subscription services, or simply to meet internal access needs.

Enjoy the Cloud

Hosted and supported by Lexum, Decisia does not require any infrastructure or other IT resources at your end. Decisia offers enterprise-level uptime and security while you access and manage your content via user-friendly web-based interfaces.

Available on Your Website and Intranet

While the service is cloud-based, Decisia takes on your website’s look and feel, as well as your organization’s brand and visual identity. Users search and access the documents you publish with Decisia right from your website or intranet. Access rights can be granted to the public or restricted to subscribers and internal users.

On-Target Search Results

As all of Lexum's technology, Decisia's interfaces and search tools are designed specifically for legal documents. Your decisions can be organized and searched in a variety of ways according to the manner your users conduct legal research.

Auto-Fill Feature for Quick and Reliable Publication

You may have experienced the time-consuming task of capturing decision data such as dates, citations, docket numbers, case names, names of parties, judges or counsel to provide your users with browsing and searching options. Decisia’s auto-fill function can retrieve all this information and much more from your documents with one simple click.

Fast, Easy and Affordable

Within a few days, your Decisia is set up and you can start managing your documents. With Decisia, your attention is focused on delivering decisions while Lexum takes care of the technology. And on top of that, Decisia is extremely affordable. This is especially true if you are considering developing similar features in-house.

We're With You All the Way

Our training, phone and email support as well as our video tutorials provide a complete assistance package aimed to make your use of Decisia enjoyable and hassle-free.

Transparent Integration into Your Website

Decisia is skinned to take on the look and feel of the client’s website. Furthermore, the Decisia installation is made accessible under a client’s subdomain, for example,, using an easy to set up CNAME.

Automated Conversion of Documents to HTML and PDF

Decisia automatically converts MS Word and WordPerfect documents into PDF and HTML formats. The content manager simply submits the MS Word or WordPerfect document through the web-based administration interface and the document is published online in HTML and PDF. However, it is also possible to replace Decisia’s version with your own PDF or HTML file if you wish. When necessary, web accessibility of resulting PDF and HTML files is ensured. Documents supplied in PDF format only are displayed inline within the webpage.

Flexible Data and Field Configuration

Tribunals, boards and agencies do not have the same document management and publishing needs. Decisia makes it possible to create and name your own document databases, to select optional and mandatory metadata fields of your choice among a large set of options, and to configure the content of tabs and drop-down menus according to your requirements. These choices are easy to make through the user-friendly web-based administration interface.

Intranet / Subscription Services

In addition to its public interface, Decisia features a secure zone providing intranet users and external subscribers with a restricted space for publishing and searching documents. For example, when the status of a document is set to “intranet/subscription”, access to the document is then limited to intranet users or subscribers. It is also possible to restrict access to an entire collection, thereby making all the documents included in that collection accessible to specific users only.

Auto-Fill Feature

Decisia’s search and navigation tools use a wide range of available search criteria. The content manager can assign dates, subjects, parties’ names, references, etc. (see the complete list of available fields in the product sheet), so that users can search and browse using different criteria. In order to make capturing the document data easier, an auto-fill feature is offered. This tool automatically extracts relevant data from the document and stores it in the Decisia database.

User Rights Management

User rights are managed through the web-based administration interface. Three levels of permissions are available:

  • Administrator – has the possibility to configure Decisia and manage user rights
  • Editor – has the capacity to manage content
  • Intranet User / Subscriber - has the possibility to search and view restricted documents

Search by LexFind

Decisia is equipped with LexFind, a powerful search engine based on Lucene/Solr and specifically designed for legal information. It is used by many of Lexum's clients, in particular, CanLII. With a sub-second response time, LexFind offers many functionalities, including highlighting of query terms and the ability to navigate among them, proximity searches, searching plurals and derivatives, search snippets as well as advanced sorting, faceting and filtering options. The search engine identifies possible misspellings in search terms and suggests alternative spelling (Did you mean:…). The autocomplete feature provides suggestions of exact matches as users are typing their query, enabling them to quickly identify the decisions they are looking for.

Compliant with Web Accessibility Standards

Decisia ensures conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA for both its access interfaces and the documents published. WCAG’s guidelines have been incorporated in several regulatory instruments, such as the Standard on Web Accessibility of Canada’s Treasury Board or Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act.

Audit trail

Decisia offers an audit trail showing the history of all database records including any creation, updating and deletion of content. The audit trail contains information about the user involved as well as a time stamp as to when the change occurred.

Current Awareness Tools

With Decisia, your users can receive RSS or email alerts when new content is available. RSS notifications are ongoing and individual feeds are available for each document collection. An email alert is sent daily and includes an individual notice for each document published in the previous 24 hours. Decisia offers one mailing list for public notifications and another to notify intranet users and subscribers of new private content. When publishing or editing a document in Decisia, it is possible to choose which mailing list the document will be sent to and when.

Web Services

Structured metadata and files can be submitted to Decisia by web service in order to fully automate the publishing process. This option is especially valuable for clients managing a large volume of documents which is already available in a Case Management System (CMS) such as CaseLoad, or any similar database.  Similarly structured metadata can be exported from Decisia by web service in order to integrate its content with distant systems. In addition, administrators can easily export the results of a system search. Each search generates a .csv file which contains all results, including metadata in structured format.

Fully Multilingual

Decisia’s public and management interfaces can be made available in any language. Multiple language versions can be integrated to individual Decisia accounts.


Decisia is hosted on Lexum’s server infrastructure and equipped with enterpriselevel security. Hosting includes:

  • Access to the servers via HTTP and SSL protocols
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Fall-back infrastructure for maximized availability, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Firewalls providing a high level of security to guard against computer attacks and viruses
  • Web metrics tools
  • Daily backups
  • All software licenses required for Decisia’s operations are covered by Lexum

Data submitted in Decisia is legally protected by legislation on personal information protection and by the Decisia Service Agreement. Documents remain the property of the client at all times.


Lexum releases new versions of Decisia at regular intervals. Lexum also releases software updates to enrich your experience. New versions and updates are included in all Decisia packages.


Five hours of user training is included in all Decisia packages. The number of participants is unlimited, and the hours can be distributed throughout the year in accordance with your team’s needs.


Technical support services are available throughout the year, no matter what your package is. You can reach one of our experts by telephone or email, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, holidays excepted.

For technical support, you can contact us at or phone us toll free at 1.855.316.2100.


All of Decisia’s packages provide free initial migration of a certain number of documents in order to provide access to your archives. Additional archives can be processed by Lexum as an option. Thus, when Decisia is put online on your website, all of your documents are available from day one.