Keep track of your online legal research efficiently and for free

Lexbox allows you to create and manage your online research workspace. It enables you to assemble in one central location relevant legal information from online sources and your desktop, and to create personalized alerts. It is a trusted tool for legal professionals who conduct research online.

Your online legal research workspace

Organize your research record

With Lexbox, you can save your legal research finds in client/matter folders, subject/matter folders or any folder structure that matches your practice needs. You can store queries, cases, legislation, hyperlinks and your own documents. All saved items come with metadata, such as citation, issuing court and key-words, and you can also add your own notes. When you revisit your research record later, you will be able to work with content again quickly and efficiently.

Get alerts for new pertinent content

Want to stay up to date in your research? That’s what Lexbox’s alerts are meant for. You can set up alerts that will notify you when a new document matching search criteria is posted, when a new decision citing one that you saved in Lexbox becomes available or when a specific statute gets cited by a new case. You can choose to receive alerts at your preferred frequency, by email or directly in your Lexbox workspace.

Get more from your favourite legal research websites

Lexbox adds a powerful set of features to your favourite legal research websites: CanLII, NMOneSource, the SCC decisions website, Washington PERC, and a growing list of supported websites. You can save, create folders, set up alerts, organize stuff and move items around, without interrupting your research process.

Discover more of Lexbox’s features

Upload your own documents

Lexbox converts your own MS Word and PDF documents to HTML, automatically inserts links pointing to public legal information on citations, and makes them privately available and searchable online.

View your research history

Lexbox will automatically keep a record of your research history, neatly organized by date and research session. You will be able to retrieve your past searches and documents consulted in case you overlooked saving something important that you came across.

Export your research folders

The contents of your folders – cases, legislation, web pages, your documents – can be easily exported into a list of authorities, organized by content type and with hyperlinks to the original documents.

Share with colleagues

Your saved items can be shared in one click with colleagues along with a personalized note or comment.

Connects with your Clio account

The Lexbox integration for Clio allows you to start a Clio timer right from the CanLII website, or synch a Lexbox history session to any matter in your Clio account.


Sorry, we don’t have any user documentation for Lexbox. You’ll get it from the very beginning. As all our solutions, simplicity is at the core of the product design.

Get started in 10 seconds

The best part? You can get started with Lexbox in less than 10 seconds: create an account (only an email address and a password are required) and try it out on, say, CanLII.

Lexbox in action

Lexbox 4.2 – New Private Annotation Feature on CanLII

2023-02-06 / By Lexum

Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Lexbox: Lexbox 4.2. Here’s what’s new: New Private Annotation Feature on CanLII Lexbox already allows you to annotate any item saved from the CanLII website. Up to now, your personal notes were only accessible from within your Lexbox account. We are glad to announce that the Lexbox annotation feature...

Marcel Naud
Marcel Naud | IP lawyer, ROBIC

“Lexbox provides me with a personalized view on CanLII content that reflects and enhances my use of this resource. This is a very convenient addition, especially to be systematically notified of the latest decisions citing sources relevant to my practice.”

‐  Marcel Naud, IP lawyer, ROBIC
Susannah Tredwell
Susannah Tredwell | Manager of Library Services, DLA PIPER

“CanLII is a fantastic legal resource tool and Lexbox makes it even better. With Lexbox, I can save relevant cases or legislation in one place, set up alerts, or look at my CanLII history. It makes my legal research process more efficient.”

‐  Susannah Tredwell, Manager of Library Services, DLA PIPER
Robert R. Braun
Robert R. Braun | Managing Consultant, Braun Consulting Group.

“I am a Labour Representative in the State of Washington. The Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) has added Lexbox to their website research. As a non-legal professional that must do research using the PERC web-published decisions Lexbox is just simply an amazing addition to the public value of the PERC. I hope the entire legal community will soon be using this product for the publication and researching of decisions at all court and adjudicative levels.”

‐  Robert R. Braun, Managing Consultant, Braun Consulting Group.


Can I use Lexbox on my mobile device?

Your Lexbox workspace is fully mobile friendly. You can use any mobile browser to access your folders and content at app.mylexbox.com. We suggest that you save this page to your mobile homescreen for convenience.

Lexbox will also work for mobile devices on supported websites as long as the websites themselves are mobile-friendly.  It is the case of most websites operated by Lexum.

I have the Lexbox Chrome extension installed but it’s not working anymore. Why?

As of mid-April 2019, we have stopped supporting the Lexbox extension and removed it from the Chrome Store.  If you currently have the Lexbox Chrome extension installed, it means you will no longer be able to use Lexbox on the following websites: Federal Courts of Canada, Federal Legislation, Ontario e-Laws, and BC Laws.

Since the Lexbox Chrome extension is not supported anymore, we recommend you to remove it from your Chrome browser.

Is it possible to import my existing CanLII RSS feeds into Lexbox?

At the moment there is no feature or wizard allowing for the automatic conversion of CanLII RSS feeds into Lexbox alerts. Such a feature is among the list of ideas under consideration for upcoming releases. In the mean time, follow this procedure to manually import your CanLII RSS feeds into Lexbox:

  1. Open the URL of your CanLII RSS feed.
  2. Copy the portion of the URL located after the “rssExpiryDate” value. See the portion in bold in the following example: http://www.canlii.org/en/search/rssSearch.do?rssExpiryDate=2016-05-08&type=decision&ccType=labor-relations&text=unjust%20enrichment
  3. Paste this portion at the end of the following URL and hit enter: http://www.canlii.org/en/index.html#search/
  4. Click on “Save this query” in the Lexbox bar on the supported website.

Can Lexbox folders be shared among researchers?

At the time being, items stored in your Lexbox account can be shared by email, but we are definitely considering enabling shared access to selected folders amongst users. For instance, this would allow a practice group to collectively work on a research project. It is likely that this feature will be part of an upcoming premium account package made available for a fee.

What’s next for Lexbox?

Our philosophy as a company is to build simple, efficient and reliable tools. This has also been the priority when designing Lexbox and we intend to keep it that way. Prior to the launch, we had planned to offer product documentation. It turns out that users onboard and work with Lexbox smoothly and help files are not necessarily in high demand.

We intend continuing to grow the feature set and launch Premium accounts for users interested to get more out of Lexbox for a few dollars – more storage space for their documents, hyperlinking of legal citations in your documents, more alerts, unlimited history, integration with practice management solutions, etc. The focus on simplicity and discoverability will remain a high priority. Lexbox will remain an easy-to-use productivity tool that makes great legal research resources such as CanLII, even better.

The following websites are supported by Lexbox