Oyez Oyez

Provide Access to Your Regulatory Material

OyezOyez is an online tool for governing bodies wishing to provide easy and professional access to their legislative and regulatory material from their own website, intranet and extranet.

Legislators, agencies, cities, municipalities, governing bodies, associations and other similar institutions of all sizes use OyezOyez to manage and self-publish their statutes, codes, regulations, rules, by-laws, enactments, as well as many other types of legislative documents.

OyezOyez is a SaaS solution that can be embedded into your existing website and intranet. It provides your users with advanced browsing and searching functionalities to quickly find and access your regulatory material. OyezOyez adapts to your data structure requirements, converts your documents to HTML and PDF formats, allows for document tagging and crosslinking and keeps your users updated by email, RSS feeds and via social media sites.

OyezOyez is the most flexible solution available on the market for professional management and dissemination of regulatory material. OyezOyez can be seamlessly deployed on your website or intranet in only a few days.

Flexible Configuration of Your Collections and Spaces

All governing bodies do not have the same document management and dissemination needs. OyezOyez makes it possible to create, name and organize your document databases. You can create collections to host subsets of documents of similar nature. Furthermore, your collections can be grouped in spaces to facilitate access and searching. Creating collections and spaces is easy through the user-friendly administration interface.In addition to regulatory information, OyezOyez also hosts other types of documents that organizations work with on a daily basis. Such information includes meeting agendas, minutes and other meeting documents, notices, bulletins, policies and guides.

Automated Conversion of Documents to HTML and PDF

OyezOyez automatically converts MS Word and WordPerfect documents to PDF and HTML formats. The content manager simply submits the MS Word or WordPerfect document through the web-based administration interface and the document is published online in HTML and PDF. However, it is also possible to replace OyezOyez’s version with your own PDF or HTML file if you wish.

Personalized Tags and Crosslinks

OyezOyez allows you to create tags that can be assigned to documents making search and retrieval easier. Tags can be efficiently used in search result filtering and drilling down. Related documents can be conveniently crosslinked across all spaces and collections for quicker access.

Search by LexFind

OyezOyez is equipped with LexFind, a powerful search engine based on Lucene/Solr and specifically designed for legal information. It is used by many of Lexum's clients, in particular, CanLII. With a sub-second response time, LexFind offers many functionalities, including highlighting of query terms and the ability to navigate among them, proximity searches, searching plurals and derivatives, search snippets as well as advanced sorting, faceting and filtering options.

Intranet / Subscription Services

In addition to its public interface, OyezOyez features a secure zone providing intranet users and external subscribers with a restricted space for publishing and searching documents. For example, when the status of a document is set to “intranet/subscription”, access to the document is then limited to intranet users or subscribers. It is also possible to restrict access to an entire collection or space, thereby making all the documents included in that collection accessible to specific users only.

User Rights Management

User rights are managed through the web-based administration interface. Three levels of permissions are available:

  • Administrator – has the possibility to configure OyezOyez, edit tags and manage user rights
  • Editor – has the capacity to manage content
  • Intranet User / Subscriber - has the possibility to search and view restricted documents

Transparent Integration into Your Website

OyezOyez is skinned to take on the look and feel of the client’s website. Furthermore, the OyezOyez installation is made accessible under a client’s subdomain, for example, regulations.yourdomain.com, using an easy to set up CNAME.

Current Awareness Tools

With OyezOyez, your users can receive RSS or email alerts when new content is available. RSS notifications are ongoing and individual feeds are available for each document collection. An email alert is sent daily and includes an individual notice for each document published in the previous 24 hours. OyezOyez offers one mailing list for public notifications and another to notify intranet users and subscribers of new private publications. News updates can also be sent through the most popular social media sites.

Links to Canadian Primary Legal Material with LexHub

For clients using OyezOyez to publish Canadian legal information, Lexum offers the option to automatically add links pointing to cases and legislation available on the CanLII website on legal citations included in the body of documents. This option is provided through the LexHub web service.

Fully Bilingual

OyezOyez’s public and management interfaces are available in English, in French, or both.


OyezOyez is hosted on Lexum’s server infrastructure located in Canada and equipped with enterprise level security. Hosting includes:

  • Access to the servers via HTTP and SSL protocols
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Fall-back infrastructure for maximized availability, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Firewalls providing a high level of security to guard against computer attacks and viruses
  • Web metrics tools
  • Daily backups
  • All software licenses required for OyezOyez’s operations are covered by Lexum

Data submitted in OyezOyez is legally protected by Canadian legislation on personal information protection and by the OyezOyez Service Agreement. Documents remain the property of the client at all times.


Lexum releases new versions of OyezOyez at regular intervals. Lexum also releases software updates to enrich your experience. New versions and updates are included with OyezOyez.


Five hours of user training is included with OyezOyez. The number of participants is unlimited, and the hours can be distributed throughout the year in accordance with your team’s needs.


Technical support services are available throughout the year, no matter what your package is. You can reach one of our experts by telephone or email, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, holidays excepted.

For technical support, you can contact us at support@lexum.com or phone us toll free at 1.855.316.2100.